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How Do We Know

How Do We Know We Have A Soul?


He said, There are many ways that we can know we have a soul!

hgow do we knowOne of the easiest ways is through our dreams. Not every dream! Some dreams are caused by eating too much. But there are those dreams when we travel places without legs, we see without eyes, we speak to people without words and we have experiences of the future that don’t manifest in our physical lives until the next day, the next month, or  far into the future! Sometimes, we even meet those that have already passed on to the Spiritual Worlds beyond.

Those dreams that carry a spiritual message usually come early in the morning, with bright colors, are not easily forgotten and sometimes wake us up!  These dreams need to be cherished and remembered! These dreams bring us spiritual messages that we are meant to reflect upon, understand and apply to our lives!

These are some of the infinite powers and capacities of our Soul. Many of these infinite powers and capacities of our Soul are not meant to unfold and blossom until we leave this physical world and make our journey to the infinite spiritual worlds beyond!” Then he smiled, looked into the distance and changed the subject!

Brother Phil Lane Jr., Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations

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